Find Shopify Product SEO Issues

How to find and filter SEO issues in Shopify Products
To find the SEO issues currently existing on your Shopify Store, Open SEOPro and click on "View product editor"
Click on "Manually Optimize SEO" to use the tool
From here, you'll see a list of your Shopify products
See all your products in SEOPro

SEO Score

For each product, you'll see a "score". The score indicates the level of quality of the SEO for this product page.
The score can be either "good" (green), "almost" (yellow) or "bad" (orange)
There's 3 possible SEO scores:
  1. 1.
    Perfect: green smiling emoji. Means the SEO score is perfect.
  2. 2.
    Almost: yellow emoji. Means you're almost there, the SEO is good, but it could be perfected.
  3. 3.
    Bad: Sad orange emoji. Means the SEO is really bad.
What you want is to have the perfect score for every product in your Shopify store.

Filter by SEO issues

There can be many reasons why a product can have a bad score, you can filter by type of issues using the filter menu:
Click on the Filter icon at the top right
Different SEO issue filters
Using a filter will isolate all the products with the selected issue. Here's a live example:
How to filter SEO issues

Search by title

You can filter down the results by specifying a title filter. Simply type in the search bar and press "enter". You will get back only the products with title containing the word your searched for.
Type a word to search for and press "enter"
See this feature in a live demo
Search products by title