Bulk Update: Shopify Images Alt Text SEO

Learn how to optimize the SEO of Shopify Products' image alt text.

Updating the alt text of Shopify Product's images is one of the most important SEO optimization you can do. It's pretty painful to do this manually, therefore SEOPro have created a bulk editor tool that allows you to optimize the SEO of all of your Alt Text at the same time.

  1. Open The Alt Text Image bulk editor tool

  1. Create a filter for all the Shopify Products with images you want to update

  1. Create a combination of alt text components

The components can be:

  • Product Title

  • Product Handle

  • Product Type

  • Vendor

When you're ready, click "Save & preview sample product images"

  1. Preview the result

  1. Start the task to bulk update the image alt text

Demo Video

Watch this demo video where we bulk update the alt text of all the images in a Shopify Store.

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