Find Shopify Collection SEO Issues

How to find and filter SEO issues in Shopify product collections
Seopro can help you find SEO issues with your product collections. Start by opening to the Seopro's "Collections Editor" tool in Seopro.
Click on "Manually Optimize SEO"
This will open a page where all your Shopify product collections are listed along with a SEO score.
There's 3 possible SEO scores:
SEO Score for Shopify Product Collections
  1. 1.
    Perfect: green smiling emoji. Means the SEO score is perfect.
  2. 2.
    Almost: yellow emoji. Means you're almost there, the SEO is good, but it could be perfected.
  3. 3.
    Bad: Sad orange emoji. Means the SEO is really bad.

Find by a collection by title

You can quickly find a product collection by searching for it's title. Simply search for it's name in the seach bar and press "enter":